Focus on What Matters to Your Business: Your Application and the Data

Assemble a Cloud Native stack can be a very cumbersome process to the sheer number of available tools. The first choice you have to make is to decide whether you want to use a cloud provider or you build a stack on you own premises. Even in case of a cloud provider you will have to choose to use a managed service (oftentimes referred as Platform-as-a-Service) or launch VMs (use Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and build your own stack above them. Either way, many considerations have to be made during both the design and migration phases. It is especially important to understand the choices you made since it will fundamentally influence the applications that you are building. During the design phase one should have a clear view on how the following building blocks rely on each other in a cloud native stack:

  • Automation and configuration management tools
  • Operating systems
  • Networking and storage technologies
  • Container runtimes and registries
  • Secret and key management
  • Service discovery and coordination
  • Container orchestration
  • Messaging APIs and streaming systems
  • Database solutions

Our Services


Designing a Cloud Native stack requires careful planning during which our team is ready to help you. Due to the sheer number of available tools in the Cloud Native landscape it is especially hard to find the right components for building a complete solution. We offer a comprehensive design service during which we analyze the existing IT infrastructure and jointly select and build the best possible cloud native stack together with your team.


Implementing a complete Cloud Native stack from ground zero requires considerable amount of work and time. Your team has to get familiar with several new software tools and techniques, which might be overwhelming especially if you have short deadlines. Our experienced team has the necessary know-how to quickly implement the Cloud Native stack of your choice and migrate your workloads to the created platform.


By implementing a novel Cloud Native stack in your enterprise, your development team can focus only on what matters to your business: evolve your applications. In case you do not want to worry about the platform in which your apps are running, you can outsource the complete maintenance and support of such system. Our team members are certified to provide such services to your enterprise.