Bring Out the Best from Your Enterprise Network with Software Defined Networking


Next generation networks for enterprises with flexible, vendor independent building blocks that enables rapid service provisioning, modern network monitoring, extreme performance and scaling together with drastically improved TCO.


Unifying the power of Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization and Cloud Native Computing using openly designed bare metal hardware guarantees a completely transparent enterprise networking compared to expensive proprietary solutions.


The next generation networking devices can be integrated not only by green field but also by brown field approach using small islands which can seamlessly interoperate with traditional boxes. Step by step our design can take over the entire network for exploiting the full potential of the architecture.

Remove the limitations of traditional enterprise networking in the following fields:

Contact us if you are interested to integrate SDN in the following scenarios:

Private Cloud

Telco Access


Enterprise Campus

Our References

We are extremely proud that Magyar Telekom chose us to help them renewing their data center networking architecture. Due to the demand of today's cloud based IT DevOps, traditional data center network infrastructures are facing many challenges in order to evolve and become more flexible. Thanks to our previous experience with Software Defined Networking and network programming using standardized APIs, we are able to support them in finding the best choice for automation and orchestration in their next generation data center networking infrastructure.

We helped Euroway Networking to renew their network monitoring framework by using the cloud native way. We used Prometheus to extract network statistics from legacy devices using the SNMP protocol. Since Prometheus has a vastly different data modeling architecture than classic SNMP monitoring tools, thus we were able to extract deeper level insights in a unified way from the operating network, as well as have a more sophisticated alerting schema. Contact them in case you are interested in integrating this tool over your current networking infrastructure.