Ship Your Application as Microservices

Microservice architecture is an advanced software development form that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services having bounded context, which implement business capabilities. There are numerous advantages of using microservices:

  • enables the continuous delivery and deployment of large, complex applications,
  • can scale horizontally without limit,
  • has very short build, test and release cycles,
  • its individual service parts can be written in different programing languages,
  • enables to integrate novel features easier.

Our Services


Microservice architecture is certainly the way to create modern scalable applications. If you are planning to create a novel application on the basis of microservices, we can help you design the architecture from the basic service components throughout the API communication.


If you already have a business application that needs to be transformed into microservices in order to increase efficiency, you need to have a thorough step-by-step plan on how you will going to implement the migration process. Our experienced team is here to help you out with this journey to the cloud.


Decomposing your monolithic application often requires that additional services are implemented as a glue between the original components. Our team is able to rapidly implement such features and integrate them into your novel microservice environment.


Microservices are oftentimes written in emerging programming languages which are more suitable for a containerized environment than traditional JAVA or PHP. We are ready to train your developers for modern Cloud Native languages such as GO, Kotlin, Ballerina, Rust or even Python.

Our References

Adriana Accounting provides a software as a service tool for Hungarian accounting firms to accelerate their bookkeeping processes without changing their actual accounting software. We helped Adriana to migrate their PHP monolith software running in an Amazon EC2 / Docker environment into a microservice environment fully orchestrated by Amazon Elastic Container Service. By introducing the novel architecture and a sophisticated autoscaling scheme over it, we were able to decrease their monthly cloud bill by 40% on average, meanwhile decreasing the service's job completion time by an average of 25%. Moreover, we were able to completely eliminate system crashes caused by overwhelming job submission.