Transform Your Enterprise Into a High Performing IT Organization

The mantra of DevOps is "Faster, Cheaper, Safer".

DevOps in a first place is a culture, mindset and collection of good habits for a successful, high performing organization. It aims to accelerate business by constantly measuring the efficiency of each stage of the service delivery pipeline from the point where the idea is born until it has delivered to the client. Certainly, in order to achieve its goals the use of proper technical solutions and tools is a must that has to support the following DevOps principles:

  • Accelerating production flow by creating a development pipeline with automated testing and deployment strategies (CI/CD),
  • Amplifying the feedback loop by implementing telemetry and monitoring strategies,
  • Accelerating the learning process by trainings about culture and communication.

Our Services


The first step of implementing DevOps is to accelerating your production flow by creating a development pipeline with automated testing and deployment strategies. Implementing and applying efficient CI/CD pipelines can help you decrease lead time by up to 100x, so you can have an idea running in production in days instead of months. Our team is ready to help you creating such pipeline for you using the tools that fits best for your current operations.


The second step of DevOps is the amplification of feedback loops which is fundamental to keep track of how your application is performing in production and to verify your Service Level Objectives and alert your team in case of any misbehavior. This is usually done by collecting proper logging, monitoring and tracing data into an observatory system. Our team can help you design and implement such feedback mechanisms that will make your application clear and visible.


The final step of DevOps is to enable continuous learning in your organization so you can adopt to the next changes that are frequently coming into the IT sector. Without the right cultural transformation, tools by itself have limited capabilities. We are ready to help you with this transformation by offering comprehensive training courses about culture and communication.